I’m Kelsey, a 24 year old beekeeper in Central Iowa. Beekeeping is about the last thing I believe anyone would have imagined I would ever do in my life time (myself included) especially given my age and love for the great indoors. But, after graduating from college with a business degree and realizing that I needed a creative outlet I somehow ended up raising bees.

The food industry has always fascinated me. In another life or perhaps down the road I would own my own bakery or be a food scientist. Honey seemed to keep showing up in my life as a feasible way to live out my foodie dreams, so I gave in and with the help of my parents farm as a host for my bees and guidance and resources from my dad and the other local Iowa Beekeepers here we are.

This blog follows my adventures in beekeeping. I will share with you what I continually learn from these fascinating creatures. Of course as a disclaimer, I am still learning the ways of beekeeping ,so for all you beeks out there please be kind in the fact that you ask ten beekeepers a question and you get 11 different answers. I’m sure I do a lot of things differently then other beekeepers.